Villasimius is a renowned vacation spot located in the sardinian south-eastern coast and it is extended across the Sette Fratelli mountain area in the North-eastern side, to the Capo Carbonara’s South-eastern coast. Villasimius is one of the best known commune in southern Sardinia, due to the astonishing beauty of its seaside, whose sea shores treat its visitors with the possibility to completely immerse themselves in the unspoilt nature down south of the island.

Campu Longu VillasimiusAmong the best known sea-shores is the Simius beach, which is conveniently reachable from the town by car or on foot across the footpath across Villasimius and leads straight to the beach. The Giunco beach is sorrounded with Notteri pond and immersed in the jagged mediterranean scrub.There are many beaches where parasols and beach chairs are available and , at the same time,would be possible for naturalists toventure into the small bays which fill the Villasimius area.

The breathtaking landscapes, the sandy sea beds and the unspoilt nature, make Villasimius the ideal place to do some water sports. It is possible to dive in the marine protected areas and enjoy the underwater paradise which ecloses the Villasimius area among groupers, coral trees and a great amount of other species and eventually catch sight of old wrecks in the sea bottom.

Villasimius also offers to its visitors a great range of sports to do such as diving, sailing , water skiing, kite surf, canoeing, touristic excursions, trekking, hiking, field trips across some paths which allow tourists to enjoy the smell of junipers, myrtles and of the delightful Mediterranean scrub.

By visiting Villasimius you would discover Cala Caterina, Santo Stefano, Fortezza Vecchia, l’Isola dei Cavoli, l’Isola di Serpentara, offering you a holiday dedicated to discover southern Sardinia. Here days don’t go by quickly, after enjoying your day between the beach and discovering nature you could also stroll inside the town, choosing among pizzerie, cafès, restaurants, pubs, discos and shops: Villasimius offers you a well rounded experience.

How to reach Villasimius by car

Cagliari is 51kms far from Villasimius: the journey takes one hour; the itinerary towards Villasimius would give you the chance to enjoy the beautiful sardinian sea-side, starting from Cagliari’s centre ,running along the Poetto’s coast, following the directions towards Villasimius(for details check the following link.

How to reach Villasimius by bus

It is possible to reach Villasimius by taking an Arst bus in Cagliari inside the bus station located in Piazza Matteotti. In order to check the itinerary follow this link to Google Maps ,available on the Arst website. The journey takes one hour and half to cover 55kms. It requires a simple 4,50€ one way ticket or an 8€ round ticket to know more check the following link.