Chia Bay and neighbouring attractions

The unspoilt landscape of the Chia Bay offers a real breathtaking natural spectacle. Its beauty consists in the sand dunes, shaped by the wind, the pure ,knee-high waters during low tide times, its white sandy beach, and the ponds alongside the coast, inhabited by pink flamingos. All of this makes this south-west sardinian area as a wonderful spectacle to enjoy.

Sa Colonia Chia LagunaAs Nora, also the Chia Bay originated from the ancient cities: during its carthaginian time its name was Bithia, whose relics are, unfortunately just few , stored and displayed by the Cagliari Archeological Museum and in the Domus De Maria one. The Is Cannonerisi holm oak forest is only ten minutes away from Domus De Maria, by car; here sardinian deers, fallow deers and boars can be seen.

We recommend visiting also the nearby Tuerredda beach, which is considered as one of the most beautiful in Sardinia, the Piscinni one and the Malfatano harbour which can all be reached by the coastal road which connects Chia to Teulada.

How to reach Chia by bus

The Chia beach can be reached by taking an Arst line bus from the Piazza Matteotti bus station; to gain further information about the line and the most convenient timetable check the following link in the Arst official website.

How to reach Chia by car

Take the E25 from Via Roma, go through it and shift into the SS195 (route 195) to Pula, and then Domus De Maria as indicated by road signs.