Mailboxes in Cagliari

In this page you will find the location of all the mailboxes, recognisable by the typical red colour of Poste Italiane spread on the whole territory of Cagliari, with related dates and times of withdrawal. Do not miss the opportunity to send a postcard or a letter of your wonderful holidays in Cagliari.

The mail is withdrawn from Monday to Friday (last withdrawal at 12 p.m.). No withdrawal on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele Box

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 78 - 09124 Cagliari

Piazza D'Armi Box

Piazza D'Armi, 14 09123 Cagliari

Piazza del Carmine Box

Piazza del Carmine, 29 - 09124 Cagliari

Piazza Palazzo Box

Piazza Palazzo - 09124 Cagliari

Piazza Yenne Box

Piazza Yenne - 09124 Cagliari

Via della Pineta Box

Via della Pineta - 09125 Cagliari

Via Garibaldi Box

Via Garibaldi - 09127 Cagliari

Via Liguria Box

Via Liguria, 22 - 09127 Cagliari

Via Pacinotti Box

Via Pacinotti, 7 - 09131 Cagliari

Via Roma Box

Via Roma, 41 - 09123 Cagliari

Via San Giovanni Box

Via San Giovanni, 386 - 09127 Cagliari

Via Scano Box

Via Antonio Scano - 09129 Cagliari

Viale Bonaria Box

Viale Bonaria, 14 - 09125 Cagliari

Via Campania Box

Via Campania, 12 - 09121 Cagliari

Via Dante Box

Via Dante, 72 - 09127 Cagliari

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