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Guided tours of SardiniaUNisola is a young company providing tourist services and guided tours in Sardinia and offering customised itineraries all over Sardinia, organises public and private events, as well as support and interpretation services, along with teaching workshop for museums and schools.

UNisola gathers the feelings arising from its land, and spreads these towards the guests through exclusive and exciting guided tours, to tell the colours, perfumes and tastes of Sardinia. For this reason, UNisola only involves the best tourist operators that share the same concept of tourism.

Tourist services provided by UNisola

With UnIsola you may participate to trips and guided tours dedicated to every type of holidays, always accompanied by professional tourist guides, ready to meet any request and curiosity. 

The offers include:

Food and vine tours in Sardinia: to discovers flavours made in Sardinia among wineries, dairies, and practice lesson on traditional dishes and recipes;

Cultural tours in Sardinia: among museums, the walls, the bastions and worship buildings, rich with treasures that tell the History and Art of a fascinating island;

City and natural routes in Sardinia: to the discovery of landscapes, of narrow and flowery alleys, of traditions and characters.

These activities are conceived aiming to raise public awareness to a sustainable participation towards the cultural heritage (either tangible and intangible) and environmental of Sardinia.

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