07 Feb Traditional and Typical Sardinian foods for a tasty fish menu

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The city of Cagliari, like other coast areas of Sardinia, boosts innumerous excellent sardinian foods and tasty fish dishes. In this article, we wish to suggest you a classic menu, that you might find in any restaurant of Cagliari, along with some typical dishes of Sardinian tradition.

Our menu includes:

  • Octopus with potatoesAs hors d'oeuvre, the potatoes with octopus: this is one of the most common and ancient dishes of the kitchen of Cagliari. It consists of octopus and boiled potatoes, cut into small pieces and seasoned with extra-vergin olive oil, white vinegar, salt, garlic and chopped parsley. This sardinian dish is usually prepared the one day before is served, in order to seasoning potatoes and the octopus with the various seasonings, In addition, the acid action of the vinegar, after preparation, degreases the octopus skin, giving the food a soft texture. The sweetness of potatoes excellently meets the sour flavour of vinegar, exalting the sea flavour featuring the octopus.
  • Arselle with fregolaAs first dish the Fregola with Arselle: this dish is a not-to-miss in a typical meal of Cagliari. The fregola is a type of dry semolina pasta, which is prepared with small hand-made balls, following one of the most ancient traditions of the island. The arselle (clams) are typical of the culinary tradition of Cagliari, and are similar to clams. They are also called “Cocciula Niedda” due to the dark colour of the shells. This dish is prepared by cooking the fregola in a fish stock, and adding, at the end of the cooking time the arselle (previously open in a pot with lid). Once served, add some finely chopped fresh parsley. The fregola is served with plenty of brooth or risotto, often according to the Season when the dish is prepared. This dish releases a strong sea scent, granting an explosive effect on your taste buds.
  • As a second dish, we have selecteed the Burrida, which is one of the most typical and tasty dishes of the tradition of Cagliari. The dogfish, skinned and cut into pieces, is heated in water and vinegar, and seasoned with a sauté made of garlic, fish livers, nuts, white vinegar and extra-vergin olive oil. Also this dish is traditionally prepared 24 -48 hour in advance, so as to flavour the fish with seasoning. In this dish you will find different textures, perfectly combined together: the creaminess of the sauce, the the firm pulp of the fish and, making this dish irresistible, the crunchy of nuts. This recipe, along with the fried fish, is the protagonist of the festival which takes place every year in Cagliari, at the Village of Fishermen of Giorgino.
  • Parmigiana with eggplantAs a side dish, we suggest the Cagliaritan “parmigiana” aubergines: unlike the other “parmigiana” aubergines typical of the South of Italy, these Cagliaritan “parmigiana” aubergines, when cooked, and not placed into the oven, but fried and then placed by layers in a terracotta tray, adding a simple tomato sauce and basil, and grated Parmesan cheese. In order to meat the season products, this dish should be prepared in Summer, when aubergines, tomatoes and basil exploit the hot sun of Sardinia to grow up with their unique flavour and taste.
  • SeadasAs dessert you cannot miss the Seada: Seadas are small pancakes of fresh pecorino cheese and and lemon peel, enclosed in sheets of dough made with semolina corn flour, lard and water, originating from the Sardinian hinterland. When fried, still hot, spread with honey or sugar. When you cut a hot piece of Seada, the hot melted cheese comes out from the fried pastry case and when tasted, it mixes with honey, in one of the most famous and ancient combinations of flavours of Italian kitchen.

Enjoy your meal!





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