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A splendid panoramic view of Cagliari A splendid panoramic view of Cagliari Cagliari Holidays

All you need to know to arrange your holidays in Cagliari

Cagliari in summertime becomes a top location for the holidays of tourists from all over Italy and Europe. Here some practical tips that may be useful for booking a trip in our wonderful city!

The best period for low-cost holidays

Hotels and B&B of Cagliari follow a variable price list depending on the period of booking. Normally, prices vary according to three price ranges: high season, medium and low season.

High season means the months of end June, July and August, and part of September. The medium season includes the months of May and June, while the remaining months are considered as part of the low season. During the high season, prices may be even double for the same room.

The same is valid with respect to the flights for Cagliari, that follow approximately the same trend. In order to save on flights during the high season, you would better book the ticket some months earlier than your departure, to achieve a seat at affordable price.

Panoramic view of the town of Cagliari

Which are the most rainy months in Cagliari?

Cagliari has a sunny and mild climate almost along the whole year, with temperatures that rarely go below 0° in Winter season. The most rainy months, as an average, are February, October and November, while Spring and Summer feature almost lack of rain.

Which are the opening hours of shops and museums?

  • Shops: The shops in the centre of Cagliari are open, as an average from 9:00 to 13:00, in the morning, and from 16:30 to 20:00, in the afternoon and evening. Most shops are closed on Sundays, except in case of special events.
  • Shopping malls: The shopping malls, a set of shops of any kind, food stores and leisure centres (with cinemas and amusement arcades), are open every day from 9.00 o' clock in the morning to 21.00 o' clock in the evening.
  • Food markets: Cagliari features a high number of food stores where you may find meat, fish, fresh fish and vegetables, from abroad, and local productions. These markets are open in the morning only, from 6:30 to 13:30. In these facilities, the quality of products is often higher than the shopping malls, and prices are more affordable; in addition, the markets are more folkloric thanks to the sellers that will playfully try to draw your attention.
  • Museums: Most museums and monuments in Cagliari have continued opening hours from morning to evening. The closure day is Monday. You may find opening days and hours of each museum, monuments and churches in the section Music and Culture.

Which are the traditional dishes of Cagliari?

SeadasThe traditional foods of Cagliari are pasta with sea-urchins ( spaghetti with sea-urchin eggs), the roasted piglet (sucking pig cooked on the skewers on fire or in oven, and seasoned with myrtle), the Sardinian pecorino cheese (sheep milk cheese), the carasau bread (a very thin sheet of crunchy bread), seadas or sebadas with honey (fried ravioli filled with fresh cheese and covered with honey). Also, the red and white wines have a strong tradition, represented, respectively by Cannonau and Vermentino. Among the most alchoolic beverage there is the mirto (a liquor obtained from the myrtle berries) and the fil’e ferru, the Sardinian grappa. Cagliari also boosts a strong tradition on preparation of pizza, which makes most of the local restauration. This is obviously a small part of the gastronomic heritage of our region; if you want to find out more, we recommend you to follow the programme on gastronomic itineraries of our blog.

How to pay in shops and where to withdraw money in Cagliari

The shops and facilities of Cagliari accept Euro exclusively ( € - the currency of the European Union), but you may also pay directly via credit card using the POS available in any business. Every bank in Cagliari has ATM and you can easily withdraw Euros (€) using your credit card. The most common circuits are MasterCard and Visa. The exchange range is variable, as defined by the currency markets, and the commissions applied will be charged by your bank. If you prefer to have cash money, the most convenient procedure is to book and withdraw European currency directly from your bank before you leave.

Which documents you need to come from abroad

For countries outside the European Community, you may travel to Italy only with a currently valid passport, while for countries belonging to European Community, you wil just need a currently valid identity document.

How is working the Healthcare system in Cagliari

In Italy, the Healthcare system is public, and guarantees the best cares to those requesting medical attendance. For tourists, same as for Italian citizens, medical attendance and care are given directly, and you will then pay the ticket (a small tax on healthcare performance, not exceeding 100€) according to your urgency code of registration. In Cagliari there are 4 hospitals with emergency, while in the surrounding area there are emergency centres: the tourist guards (available 24h in Summer) and medical guards (available at night, at public holidays and at weekends)

Which are the emergency numbers of Cagliari

Cagliari SOSThe emergency numbers are available 24h, and will enable you to contact the nearest assistance centre. The phone number for police is 113, to request medical attention with ambulance the number is 118, while, for the fire department, you may call 115.

How to access the Internet in Cagliari?

To access the Internet with your smartphone, you will have to activate in advance a roaming service with your phone company, if possible, or use one of the wifi hotspot made available by the municipality of Cagliari. To find out where the wifi hotspots are active, please see the dedicated section.