Porto Torres Harbour

Address: Palazzina (small building) Ex ASI - Porto Industriale (Industrial Port), 07046 Porto Torres (SS)
Telephone: +39 0789 204179
Fax: +39 0789 517536
Web Site: www.olbiagolfoaranci.it
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The Porto Torres Harbour, located across Via Roma, is a large stopover for tourists, an industrial and commercial seaport, which rises up the ruins of an ancient roman port, as shown by many artifacts found around the area. The harbour, which represents a great part of the city, offers a wide range of services such as fuel dock, ramps and cranes.

Due to its location, in the town e at the core of the Asinara Gulf, it can be considered a good starting point for amazing excursions in the National Park, nearby. The port's depth ranges from 3-5 metres, there are 350 moorings available and the maximum length allowed is 30 metres.

How to get from Porto Torres to Cagliari by Bus

Cagliari can be reached from Porto Torres harbour by taking an ARST bus. The itinerary will be split into two routes: the first one from the Harbour to Sassari and the second one from Sassari to Cagliari. The bus stop for the first route can be found at the landing point in P.Verde; it can be verified on the related section on the ARST official website which also shows the scheduled bus stops along the bus line.

It is then recommended getting off the bus at the bus stop located in Via Padre Zirano, at the center of Sassari (which can be also checked out on the ARST official website at the following link to be able to take your bus towards Cagliari.

In order to get directions for your route it is advisable to check the following Google maps link available on the Arst website itself. The trip, which covers a distance of 235 kms. It requires a 15,50€, one-way, simple fare ticket or a 28,00€, round-fare ticket.

How to get from Porto Torres to Cagliari by Train

Cagliari can also be reached from Porto Torres by taking a train. Check out the Trenitalia official website in the “Ticket”(all lines available), putting in your destination and the starting point. The main Porto Torres station is located in via Fontana Vecchia and can be reached at the landing point in P. Verde, by taking an ATP public bus, paying for a 1€ ticket, otherwise it can also be reached by taking a free bus service offered by Tirrenia. A train ticket costs 16,90€ and the route takes 4 hours.

How to get from Porto Torres to Cagliari by car

In order to reach Cagliari from Porto Torres by taking your car it is recommended following the road E25, overtaking Sassari, then go through the SS131 towards Cagliari as shown on this map. The whole 240 kms long route takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Furthermore we would to inform the travellers of the presence of some speed-cameras alongside Monastir, in the outskirts of Cagliari and in the Las Plassas area.