Olbia Harbour

Address: Isola Bianca Ferry Terminal
Telephone: +39 0789 204013
Fax: +39 0789 27933
Web Site: www.olbiagolfoaranci.it
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The Port of Olbia is located inside the city gulf alongside via Principe Umberto. It is considered as the main seaport in Costa Smeralda due to the many national and international routes offered, together with the cruise ships docks.

How to reach Cagliari from the Olbia harbour

In order to reach Cagliari by bus it is necessary to reach the center of Olbia by taking an ASPO bus, number 9, just alongside the dock Isola Bianca. Reach the Via Gabriele D'Annunzio bus stop then keep going (with the harbour behind you) heading towards the Arst station in Corso Vittorio Veneto. It is then recommended checking the link in the official ARST website to get information about the itinerary and the schedules.

Moreover check this link in the ARST website to know more about bus stops in the bus stops section. It is strongly advisable, though, to take a train towards Cagliari because it only takes almost four hours by train rather than fifteen by bus.

How to reach Cagliari from the Port of Olbia by train

Take the bus line number 9, provided by the ASPO urban bus lines, from the dock in the Port until you reach the stop in Via Gabriale d'Annunzio. Then head towards the railway station in Corso Vittorio Veneto. For schedules and itineraries check out the following link on the Trenitalia official website , under the "tutti i treni” section.

How to reach Cagliari from the Port of Olbia by car

It is very simple to reach Cagliari driving a car you hired or your own, on board during the trip. Furthermore, roadsigns indicating the way to Cagliari are really of help starting from the very Isola Bianca dock and during the whole itinerary. Get more information about the itinerary on Google Maps.